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CANUS is an institution that offers comprehensive care services to optimize the quality of life for people over 60 years of age.


1. Health Unit

to. Canus is an IPS enabled since July 2015, which provides services in medicine, internal medicine, family medicine, geriatrics and pain and palliative care, nursing, therapies (physical, occupational, respiratory and language), taking clinical laboratory samples.


b. These services are provided in three modalities: outpatient consultation, home care and telemedicine.


c. Currently, it is the only IPS in Colombia that provides services exclusively for the elderly.

d. We provide our services to private patients and prepaid medicine from Coomeva and Sura.

2. Welfare Unit

to. Canus is an institution that works as an operator in private entities such as geriatric homes and residences for the elderly. (services: nursing, nutrition, therapies, geriatrics, wound clinic, caregivers).


b. This service is provided in geriatric homes and residences for the elderly.

c. We currently provide our services in Edificio Platino, El Almendral and Calucé in Bogotá.

3. Unit of Care

to. It is in charge of providing assistance services to the elderly in their residence, in order to assist them in the activities of daily life. This service is provided through nurses and caregivers.

b. This service is provided at the home of private patients.

c. We currently provide our services to private patients.

4. Wound Clinic Unit

to. It is the comprehensive care of acute, complicated or chronic wounds that compromise the health of patients. Canus has expert staff in the care of different types of wounds.

b. This service is provided in outpatient consultation and home care.

c. We currently provide our services to private patients.

5. Advisory Unit

to. CANUS provides the advisory service on public policy to municipalities and departments. We have experience in planning and monitoring the national public policy on human aging and old age in the Ministry of Health and in Bogota

b. In the creation of care routes.

c. In the planning of specific care models for the elderly such as acute geriatric units in hospitals, rehabilitation units, chronic care units, geriatric homes.

d. In formats for the care of the elderly (medical history, nursing, vital signs control).

and. In comprehensive care services and interdisciplinary teams focused on the care of the elderly.

F. In formats for the transfer and care of the elderly.

g. In assisted housing construction for the elderly such as public or private geriatric homes.

h. Information System to keep the record of clinical history, medication history, nursing notes, control of vital signs of IPS patients, geriatric homes and individuals.

i. In human talent, when you want to select and hire people with experience in caring for the elderly.

j. Social Networks, when you want to promote services through / * Tina web, facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube and app.

k. Legal, when seeking to carry out processes in the labor, criminal, family, civil (interdiction) branches.

6. Canus Foundation

to. It is an institution attached to CANUS, created in Barranquilla to provide welfare services to socially or economically vulnerable older people.

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